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Ian Burton - alias "Bertie"


Bertie joined us from the Recurve Archery Club in early September. A natural with the bow, he was scoring regular 'Golds' at Recurve Archery and took to Longbow like a duck to water.

Low powered club bows meant his scoring was a bit impaired, but once he bought a Chris Radbone bow of around 60lbs and some Dobbs arrows there was no stopping him and he bumped his score up to 68 on the 17th September, winning him one of the new 50 Plus badges.

Bertie also has a great muttering repartee, doing excellent Brummie and Geordie accents when wandering between flags. It is something that Dobbs and Ed have been doing for some time so nice to have a new recruit!

Bertie also loves "Bridge" beer, so he fits in perfectly with Dobbs and Biscuit!


2017: Year end average:

Winner of the 50 Plus badge - September 17th



Personal Best: 68 (September 2017)
Joined: September 2017